Solutions for the Business of Healthcare

Established in 2004, 3 Chopt has maintained a reputation for solving tangible business needs through the use of technology. Having developed custom applications in the fields of CRM, Data Security, and a host of other fields for Fortune 500 clients, 3 Chopt's core expertise has evolved into the designing of payment processing and revenue collection solutions.

Company President and Founder Michael Dermer is widely recognized as an expert in this industry and in 2000 was called on by the University of Virginia Hospital System to develop an end-to-end solution for collecting, tracking, verifying, and reporting on Patient Pay Balances. The result was the Payment Receipt Journal and Revenue Control System. An innovative and highly configurable software suite that "tracks the money" from payment to deposit and automatically identifies any out of balance situations. Having refined the products over several versions 3 Chopt made the software available to other Health Systems in 2011, and has quickly garnered interest nationwide for the system-both as an extension and as a stand alone solution.

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