Solutions for the Business of Healthcare

Payment Receipt Journal

The Payment Receipt Journal automates daily collection activity at the registration desk and in customer service call centers. The Payment Receipt Journal (PRJ) imports outstanding patient-due balances from external systems, adds any visit balance, and uses defined business rules to calculate the amount to collect from each patient. Users have the ability to authorize credit card and direct debit payments in real-time from within the system. Supervisors can monitor collection performance anywhere within the health system in real-time. The PRJ is an excellent Revenue Collection solution for "tracking the money" from collection point to deposit and virtually eliminates lost deposits and missing funds.

Revenue Control System

The Revenue Control System (RCS) automates the mundane daily activities of data entry of payments, balancing bank deposits, and monitoring posting activity. RCS will balance with other system to the penny allowing users to quickly identify out of balance situations and the source. RCS shifts user focus to the exceptions by capturing discrepancies throughout normal processing. The Revenue Control System has in-depth reporting capabilities and provides the tools to mine business intelligence to better understand sources of bad debt and revenue performance system-wide. RCS is an end-to-end payment management solution that provides comprehensive management of all payments and collections throughout the health system.