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Finance Solution

3 Chopt's Revenue Control System (RCS) automates the mundane daily activities of data entry of payments, balancing bank deposits, and monitoring posting activity. Balance with other system to the penny allowing users to quickly identify balancing issues. Revenue Control shifts user focus to the exceptions by capturing discrepancies throughout normal processing. A true end-to-end payment management solution RCS provides an unmatched level of reporting and process automation.

"The 3 Chopt products provide us an in-depth understanding of where our revenue comes from and where to focus our attention as a department. The ability to account for every penny daily from all sources, knowing the exact carryover amount, performance reporting, revenue recognition by groups - these are all critical pieces of business intelligence. The Revenue Control System and Payment Receipt Journal give us all that and increase our revenues by helping us collect more accurately at time of service."
-Kevin Higgins, Director of Physician Billing, UVA

Data Cube technology allows users to mine robust data sets, customize reports and isolate Key Performance Indicators.


Performance Reporting

Develop internal Credit Scores

Compliments and enhances EPIC Finance module

Isolate bad debt

Data Cube